All my personal Beach Art works

Find all of my personal beach art projects on this page. Most of my ephemeral works are made in the Gironde estuary, from Meschers to the Côte Sauvage, but you will also find landscapes that I have encountered during my travels, where I have been able to tread for example the beaches from Brittany or even from Wales.

I hope to make you travel more and more through my drawings on the beach but also my destinations. In the meantime, I suggest you browse my different works listed here.

It is also an opportunity, through all these frescoes on the sand, to understand a little better my creative process, the constraints of playing with nature, through each text, which accompanies the photos. You will also find some information on the size of the drawings, the time spent, the techniques. Each outing on the beach has its own little story.

A few moments of escape for your greatest pleasure! Sharing is caring!