My beach art videos

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Video is a medium that I have always been interested in from an early age. Having a multimedia background, it was natural for me to include video in the creative process of my beach art projects.

Many ideas are still to be exploited, but some are already in place and allow me to innovate compared to my counterparts with in particular the series of videos Hakanai From Above where we discover my frescoes seen from above and Inside Beach art where I takes you with me to the beach and tells you more about the process of making.

You will find them below, good viewing!

I regularly share the videos of my drawings on the sand via my social networks, do not hesitate to subscribe.

Série Hakanai From Above

The Hakanai From Above series is one of my beach art videos that I like a lot. The drone opens many doors for new things in terms of image. The idea here is very simple, but so effective!
A beginner sequence shot in the middle of the drawing, which widens as the drone gains altitude.
You have the whole series on this playlist for a few minutes to escape!

Série Inside Beach art

Inside Beach Art series seemed unavoidable. Based on the concept of Vlogging, democratizing extensively for some years now, I’ll take you on the beach with my camera to tell you the realization of a beach art project and its hazards.
I wish I could propose more often have a certain regularity, but in practice it is very difficult, due to the many conditions necessary for the realization of a beach art project and media processing time then for the video .
Inside Beach Art whole series is available in this playlist.

Mes autres vidéos autour du beach art

Included in this playlist all other videos that are not part of the series above.

There are including collaborations with other beach artists or beach art workshops with school groups and other projects.