Beach art #30 : Arbres à Sylvains

  • Beach art arbres à rêves
  • Beach art arbres à rêves

A beautiful sunny morning and the exploitation of a beach, that I had not quite enough stride.
This was the setting for this new beach art project!
The Vergnes beach at Meschers offers a relatively atypical setting with this rock, which comes to rest alone to the left of the beach. I had to make an attempt to exploit it.
On paper, no precise idea actually! Besides, there was no preparation on paper. But the idea of ​​starting on the basis of the dream tree, used in a previous project, quickly sprouted.
So I execute myself and start laying the base of my trees on the sand starting with the clouds.
I then draw the trunks linking the whole thing. There will be 2 trees, one from the central rock and another, which takes root in the cliff. After a few hours of preparation, my brother and a friend will come to join me to finalize the filling of the trees, thus helping me with some shots of rakes.
“Arbres à Sylvains”, you have to wonder why? Simply because, I wanted to give a little more life to this beach art by including in the clouds small characters named as well, from the works of Hayao Miyazaki, of which I am a fan!
I took advantage of this beach art project to take with my drone some additional footages, especially during construction. Usually, I only use it to immortalize the frescoes on the sand.
This allowed me to make a small video montage later on: Youtube Jben Beach Art.
With this video, I participated in a contest organized by the manufacturer of Drone DJI.
A happy idea since it earned me to be the winner of the first prize and I have for the occasion won the last brand new drone of their range! Is life not beautiful !?