An idea ? A project ?

You can’t imagine, but beach art can have many applications!

To date, I have completed numerous projects both for individuals, businesses, associations, recreation centers, colleges, high schools or hospitals.

You want to celebrate an event and leave an indelible memory of it or perhaps would you like to communicate in an original way.
In this case, I invite you to go below the different options available to you to set up your beach art project.

Beyond drawing on the beach, my skills and experience in the field of multimedia allow me to offer complete packages ranging from shooting photos or videos to the image processing.

Depending on the nature of your project and your needs, I propose seamlessly opportunities available to you, including involving my professional network in image shooting and processing if the need is felt.

Finally, if you have other innovative ideas, which are not listed below, do not wait any longer and contact me !

Frequently asked questions

Before contacting me for a project, I suggest you to read the questions / answers below. This will allow us to save time on the logistics or organization and to better concentrate on the creative part.

Can we make beach art on any beach ?

The beach art is practiced on the wet sand at low tide.
This assumes that the beach has a great foreshore enough to draw. It is for example not the case in the Mediterranean Sea which is only slightly subject to the tidal range.

How long does it take to draw a work?

The average completion time of an beach art is 4 hours.
Low tide allows till 4 or sometimes 5 hours drawing depending on the coefficients of the tides. I usually start drawing 2 hours before the low tide is completely down.

At what time of day do you make beach art?

As mentioned in previous issues, beach art is practiced at low tide. The time of day conducive to drawing on the sand is dictated by the tide. The idea is to start at best about 2 hours before low tide.

Can we make beach art on any sand?

It is best to have a very fine sand that will have the best contrast. The drawing is clearly visible and will stay durably until high tide.
Indeed, a too coarse sand will tend to dry faster, so we quickly loses the drawing on the beach.

Is only tide able to erase the drawing?

As explained a little earlier, sand density is important. Too coarse sand will dry too quickly and does not allow you to have the contrast to form the design.

But that’s not all ! The wind and sun are also elements that dry sand. Dry sand becomes volatile and the drawing disappears in the wind.

Can we do all types of designs?

I do not really impose myself limits, if not sometimes those of ethics.
However, be aware that the beach art can work as monochrome shades, the panel shades are also limited.
It is best to present your project to me, so that I can check the feasibility.

How to make shots?

The beach art can cover relatively large floor areas. The idea to give all his grace to the drawing on the sand is to photograph or film from the sky. I can make aerial photos and videos using a drone, within the limits of the rules imposed on unmanned aircraft flights. We must therefore ensure that the desired area allows the flight.
You can also use your own provider if necessary.


Innovative communication

Your logo or communication operation drawn on the beach to impress your prospects or customers!

Exhibition on events and games

Give an awesome dimension to your events with a big drawing on the sand or an original animation.

Beach art workshops

Learn with the artist to draw big things on the sand, to create marbles tracks or to make Land Art.

Custom drawing for individuals

A custom sand drawing to show your loved ones that you love them! Pick a topic, Jben will take care of the rest.