Beach art #116 : Mindfluid

  • Beach art mindfluid

To be honest, that day I had rather planned to do a surf session with friends and I had taken my drone to film some of their waves. But it is true that I had also taken a rake just in case! The surf session not promising to be very motivating at the sight of the waves, which did not offer a good configuration, I decided to improvise a little something on a sandbank 100 meters away.

I start with a simple idea: lines that follow the sandbank, separate and then come together. Nothing crazy but with a graphic approach all the same, which will bring this drawing to life on the beach. The weather forecast that day was unfortunately not in bright sunshine, a cloudy veil will have difficulty dissipating and will force me to take a little less contrasted drone shots.

However, it remains an exercise of style as well as a good moment of disconnection where we take advantage of the moment as the grains of sand slide in the passage of the rake.