Beach art workshops

Creative workshops with nature for young and old alike

You are an educational or cultural structure, an association, a company and you want to involve a group of people in unusual, fun workshops for which we will say “thank you”, then Jben’s workshops are made for you!

  • School,
  • seminars,
  • incentive,
  • team building,
  • event.

Any occasion is a good time to learn about Beach Art, Land Art or the design of sand marbles tracks.

Beach Art workshops

These workshops take place at low tide on wet sand. Jben teaches you how to make gigantic designs on the sand using rakes. He shares his techniques with the group so that the participants can reproduce the ideas, which they will have previously prepared on paper.

The drawings can be worked on individually, in small groups or it is possible for the whole group to come up with a very large collective fresco.
In particular, it is possible for companies to reproduce their logo on the beach.

Jben then immortalizes the works using his drone, so that participants can keep a memory of this unique experience.

Sand marbles tracks

With 10 years of experience as a plotter / animator within the
World Sand Marbles Championship, Jben shares his skills in the design of marble circuits.

Armed with watering can, rakes, trowels and floats, the participants will learn to set up a skeleton of a sand marble track, which they will then moisten, then tamp to prepare beautiful straight lines on which the marble will ride perfectly.

Once this base is prepared, participants will learn to create borders, cut obstacles and decorate their courses before turning into players to test their works. The marble track also sometimes take on the appearance of mini golf.

Land Art workshop

Learning to use nature to create, such is the concept of these Land Art workshops.

On the beach, in the forest or in any place where raw material can be harvested, participants will learn to make paintings with what surrounds them.

Budding artists will have to give their imagination free and use leaves, pieces of wood, pebbles, sand to end up with a work that can be both representative and abstract.

Jben brings his ideas and examples to support the participants in the creation process.

You need a different activity to offer to your group, do not hesitate to contact me for more information via the contact form :

If a beach art initiation workshop interests you, know that its realization requires certain conditions in the field, be sure to take a look at the frequently asked questions to see if your project is feasible.

They trusted Jben

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  • Communauté de Communes Sud Vendée Littorale
  • Lycée des Métiers Jacques Prévert Combs-La-Ville
  • CREA Saint-Georges-De-Didonne
  • IMP Mirambeau
  • Collège Henri Dunant Royan
  • Ligue Poitou-Charentes de Surf
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