Innovative communication

Your logo or communication operation drawn on the beach to impress your prospects or customers! 


Events and games

Give an awesome dimension to your events with a big drawing on the sand or an original animation.


Beach art workshops

Learn with the artist to draw big things on the sand, to create marbles tracks or to make Land Art.


Custom drawing for people

A custom sand drawing to show your loved ones that you love them! Pick a topic, Jben will take care of the rest.

My NFT collection

A unique NFT collection of Jben's artowroks on the sand.
Each piece is sold as a single copy.
Buyers will be rewarded.

About the artist

Jehan-Benjamin alias Jben is an artist making ephemeral art.

He started drawing on the sand in 2014 and like a beach gardener, he creates gigantic frescoes at low tide using different rakes.

This art in question is called Beach Art, which is a derivative of Land Art.

He brought together all his professional experiences and passions, which have animated him from an early age, to professionalize his expertise on the beaches and offer personalized drawings on the sand, for individuals, associations, companies or even cities. It became his main activity in 2015.

Authorized drone pilot, he himself takes photos and videos of his drawing on the beach to share them on social networks to many people as possible.

Jben Beach Artiste

drawings of which more than half for third parties


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Beach art to raise awareness

Beach art is an effective way to convey messages and raise awareness about noble causes.
Find out what actions I have been involved in to help make an impact.

Thank you

Just a quick note to express my gratitude!
Many of you follow my adventures, whether here or on social networks.

Know that this adventure continues thanks to you and for you. This very personal project at the start quickly became then ours and I am committed to continuing to provide you with a few moments of escape in your daily life because we all too often forget to dream.

Yet it is often the great dreamers who accomplish the most beautiful things!

To achieve something extraordinary, start dreaming about it.
– Walt Disney –
Beach Art Merci