Jben’s NFT collection

NFT Jben

A NFT collection

I have worked as a webdesigner and developer for many years and I still use some tools actually in my daily life to develop my artistic journey.
I am sure NFT will change our vision of the Internet and it will be use for many utilities.
So I decided to take part in this adventure too and launch my own NFT collection, which will include some of my favorite personal beach art works. Only one copy will be available for each and the blockchain will track the authenticity and the different owners.

For those, who are not familiar with NFT and do not know how to prepare for the purchase, there are already many tutorials, which can guide you on the Internet.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact me via my form.

What is a NFT ?

A NFT is a “non-fungible token“. Something is said to be fungible from the moment it can be replaced by things of the same nature, of the same quality and of the same quantity. This is the case with money for example.
On the other hand, a non-fungible asset cannot be replaced because it is unique.
Just as a Picasso painting is unique a NFT is unique. It is for this reason that it is assimilated actually to digital art.
The uniqueness of a NFT is identifiable by the blockchain which gives it unique properties and authenticity. The entire life of the work is traceable including purchases, resales, date of creation, name of creator, content, etc.
This is why auction houses like Christie’s or Sotheby’s have already sold NFTs using this technology.
An NFT can be a photograph, a video or even a music, but the applications are endless!

About my NFT collection

An unique NFT collection

Beyond photography, the designs I make on the beach brings all the artistic value to this collection. Each drawing was made by myself and photographies too.
We are only few people in the world to make this kind of art. That’s why this NFT collection is already quite rare but to be sure each work will only be sold to a single copy.
I am actually the first Beach Art artist to offer my works in a NFT form that is a kind a world premiere.


As I continue to create regularly this collection will always be moving so it will evolve over time and hopefully will increase in value. At least I’ll do everything to !
To date it has 30 photos each sold in a single copy.

  • The photos will be published in different phases in series of 5 photos. I invite you to follow me on social networks to discover the new uploads.
  • Be sure to collect a work via my official links to Opensea.

Buyers are rewarded

I want the sale of this NFT collection will allow buyers to have unique gifts.
There will be raffles for the buyers when the first 30 photo will be sold.

10% royalties

I planned 10% royalties for each resale on the secondary market.
This budget will be use to:

  • create advertising campaigns on social networks to make myself known and help give more value to my works.
  • help on my book production and its translation. A project I have in mind for ages.
Collection NFT beach art

What's next?
A collection of 3000 NFT

  • Online sale of a 3000 NFT collection. A collaboration between Jben and another awesome artist !
  • Creation of a website dedicated to this second project.
  • Creation of a Discord group to follow the project news and bring the community together.
  • Creation of an environmental foundation in partnership with the expert sponsorship agency Impulsdon.
  • Concrete actions to help preserve the environment.
  • 75,000 euros will be donated to associations fighting for the environment.
  • 75,000 euros will be used to help associations communicate about their causes.
  • The 10% royalties from resales on the secondary market will be used to remunerate the team, to communicate on the project and to develop it to continue to make this world a better place.

Questions and answers

Each NFT from the first 30 will be sold for 0.2 ETH. This price may change depending on the secondary market sales

Only on Opensea actually ! Be sure to follow my official links only https://opensea.io/collection/jbenart

If you have any skills that are useful for the project and think you can volunteer your time to develop it. Don’t hesitate to contact me via the website’s contact form.